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Trump accused Democrats of delaying adoption of aid to fight COVID

US President Donald Trump has accused representatives of the Democratic Party of deliberately delaying the adoption of a new package of measures to combat the consequences of the coronavirus until the elections.

The head of the White House said this during a speech to supporters in Jacksonville, Florida on Thursday, September 24.

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The government is working on a stimulus package for people, he said, since the coronavirus pandemic is not their fault, but China’s, Trump said.

The president added that his administration cannot force House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to approve the package, who wants to wait until the elections are over. Trump himself insists on the immediate adoption of these measures.

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On September 3, the Democratic majority in the US House of Representatives agreed with the presidential administration on a project for temporary government funding to avoid a shutdown – government suspension – in September

On March 28, American leader Donald Trump signed into law a $ 2 trillion stimulus bill amid the spread of the coronavirus.

It was noted as the largest government aid package in American history.

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