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Scientists have found a neutralizer for coronavirus

Scientists from the University of Pittsburgh (USA) have discovered a protein that can completely neutralize the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, even at the lowest dosage.

The study was published September 14 in the journal Cell.

Scientists have found a neutralizer for coronavirus

This is a protein compound 10 times smaller than the full-length antibody that was used to create the Ab8 drug against COVID-19. The latter has shown high efficacy in the prevention and treatment of coronavirus in mice and hamsters.

At the same time, the detected small protein has a greater ability to diffuse in tissues, which has a better effect on neutralizing the virus.

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In addition, its molecules do not bind to human cells. This minimizes negative side effects.

The drug was discovered by rapidly analyzing 100 billion potential molecules that could come into contact with the S-protein of the coronavirus. It is through him that the pathogen enters the body.

When a proteinaceous compound fuses with an immunoglobulin, Ab8 is formed.

On August 11, the world’s first coronavirus vaccine, Sputnik V, was registered in Russia . The drug has shown high efficiency and no side effects. On September 10, it became known that all the first residents of Moscow vaccinated against coronavirus – 13 people – feel good.

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