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I Have Nothing Personal Against Buhari, He Didn’t Take My Wife – Ayodele Fayose

Ayodele Fayose, former governor of Ekiti State, has again criticised President Muhammadu Buhari over his handling of the affairs of the country.

Fayose noted that he has nothing personal against Buhari because he did not snatch his wife, but expressed dissatisfaction with how Nigeria is being governed.

He stated this on Saturday in an Instagram Live Chat with Dele Momodu, the chief executive officer, Ovation Media Group.

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The former governor acknowledged that the administration of ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo, whom he has always attacked, was better than the current Buhari-led government.

“Of all the Presidents, I don’t like Obasanjo ways, I tell you the truth; I don’t like his ways at all. Me and him we are not on the same page but Obasanjo is the only one – time Nigerian President that has helped this country here and there.

“The fact remains that if you look at the Obasanjo time, there are certain things he put in place and don’t forget, he saved this country a lot of money. He saved this country a lot of money. These people have squandered all we have. The way Obasanjo brought it down, they have taken it up.

“That was why what Obasanjo said today (Saturday), in a way, I agree with him. We don ’t normally agree but I agree with him”.

He added: “When I started talking about President Buhari, even you, Dele Momodu, criticised me. Even you, Dele Momodu was looking at a saint in Buhari. Today, most of you now should cover your faces in shame, that you gave Nigerians a wrong road and a wrong path. It’s regrettable.

“Everything I said about that government at the time, when it was still in embryo , everything has happened today.

“This APC in five years is dastardly, more terrible than the PDP in 16 years.

“Nothing is personal between me and President Buhari, he didn ’t take my wife and I don’t even have the capacity to take his wife but this country is not governed well.”

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“I said in 2015 that President Buhari will be a shield for the looters to bleed this country. I said so many things that this President has no capacity”.

He lamented the rising level of Nigeria’s debt profile, raising concern that China may take over the country one day.

“My brother, have you seen a country govern the way this country is being governed? Have you seen one? Everybody now, we are in crisis, we are trouble, the economy is in trouble. You remember, Operation Occupy Nigeria? Where are these people now? You people should occupy again, we are waiting for you to occupy. This country is in trouble, we need God, we need intervention.

“Look at our debt profile . We may wake up one day and they say China has come to take over. So, we should handover to China. It is a very sad development . If they don’t address the electoral process in this country, we are going nowhere. When the government begins to fear the people, things will change,” he stated.

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