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Nutritionist named product that preserves healthy teeth and hair

Eating pineapple regularly helps to maintain healthy bones, hair, teeth and nails, and also improves the digestive processes in the body. This was announced on Friday, September 4, by Natalya Pugacheva, a nutritionist at the Health Management Clinic of the Institute of Personalized Medicine at Sechenov University.

According to her, pineapple has relatively high levels of manganese and silicon compared to other foods. Due to it, energy metabolism at the molecular level, regeneration processes, renewal of cells and tissues are supported.

Nutritionist named product that preserves healthy teeth and hair

“Manganese is also involved in the work of insulin, helping to maintain normal blood glucose levels. Silicon is essential for healthy bones, teeth, nails and hair. Therefore, pineapple can be attributed to the products of youth and beauty, “- quotes Pugacheva city news agency” Moscow “.

Pineapples also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, the nutritionist noted.

“The unique component of this tropical fruit is a complex of enzymes called bromelain, which determines its special properties. This enzyme helps to break down protein to its constituent amino acids, ”explained Pugacheva. Pineapple fruit acids increase the production of gastric juice, which improves appetite, digestion and intestinal function.

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She clarified that the daily consumption of pineapple should be about 200 g per day of fresh pulp or 200 ml of juice, according to the TV channel ” Zvezda “. It contains varying amounts of sugar and is used as a dessert or garnish for fish or meat. The doctor also said that if you marinate the meat with pineapple, it will make it more digestible and softer.

According to Pugacheva, there are pineapple-based fasting days, when up to 1 kg of fruit is eaten or drunk per day, but people with high acidity of the stomach and exacerbation of peptic ulcer should not get carried away with pineapples.

On the eve of nutritionist Angelica Duval said that water in a plastic bottle, which is exposed to the sun’s rays and is on the shelves in the store for a year, loses all the beneficial properties for the body, reports the TV channel ” 360 “. According to a specialist, it is best to use filtered running water in the diet .

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