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Nutritionist spoke about the dangers of bottled water

Water in a plastic bottle that is exposed to sunlight and is on store shelves for a year, loses all its useful properties for the body. This opinion was expressed by dietitian Angelica Duval on Thursday, September 3, in an interview with the publication “Reedus”.

The expert believes that it is best to use filtered running water in the diet.

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“It’s best to install filters at home and take water from there with you,” said Duval.

The doctor also recommended adding lemon juice to the water, as it helps to alkalize the water and makes it easily digestible, according to the Zvezda TV channel .

According to the nutritionist, each person should calculate the daily water intake individually, and she recommended not to adhere to the myth of two liters of water a day.

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“30 ml of water per kilogram of weight. You need to drink this volume of liquid gradually – no more than one glass at a time, ”she said, adding that it is advisable to take several sips of water every hour.

The doctor recalled that with an insufficient amount of water in the body, premature wrinkles appear on the skin.

On September 2, immunologist Marina Apletaeva said that excessive consumption of ginger and garlic during cold and rainy periods will not help strengthen the immune system. According to the expert, in order to have strong immunity, it is necessary to constantly adhere to a healthy lifestyle and observe preventive measures.

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