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Maryann Shaibu threatens to flog women seen in APC group in Edo State (video)

The wife of the Deputy Governor of Edo state, Ms. Maryann Shaibu, has threatened to flog any woman she sees associated with the group, which is suspected to be an affiliate of the All Progressives Congress(APC) in Edo, Globalgistng reports.

MS Shaibu said this in a video obtained by Globalgistng during a series of meetings with women in different parts of Northern Edo.

In her words, which she delivered in pidgin English, Maryann demanded that the faces of all the women present at the meeting be captured, vowing to deal with any of them who were found to identify with another group with a cane.

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The sense of urgency and a bit of desperation in the tone of Maryann, who is taking desperate steps to boost the chances of the emergency tax collectors ‘ party, the PDP in Northern Edo, through a series of meetings with women in different parts of the region, is no doubt the result of the Deputy Governor’s wife becoming concerned that many women start playing the gallery where they present themselves for meetings called by her, but then switch to meetings.

Watch the video here:

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