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Trump accused China of hiding the death toll from COVID-19

US President Donald Trump has said that China is deliberately hiding true information about coronavirus deaths in the country. He said this in an interview with journalists of the Fox News channel, which was released on Tuesday, September 2.

Trump accused China of hiding the death toll from COVID-19
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According to the American leader, China is currently going through difficult times, and the damage caused by the pandemic is much greater than people believe.

“They lost tens of thousands of people. They have lost more than any other country, they just don’t report it,” Trump said.

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At the same time, the host of the White house did not answer the journalist’s question about where he got this data.

The US President has repeatedly repeated that he believes China is responsible for the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, and called it the reason for his growing anger towards China.

In addition, the American leader declared China the culprit of unemployment in the country.

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