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Primate Ayodele, what God told me about elections in Edo, Ondo, Ghana, and America

Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele of the INRI Evangelical spiritual Church in Lagos has released new revelations about the upcoming gubernatorial elections in Edo and Ondo States with stern warnings to incumbent governors in both States.

The popular seer who has just released two books; the 2020/ 2021 edition of his annual collection of prophecies, Warnings to the Nations, and a Compendium of Ten Thousand and More Fulfilled Prophecies, in this interview with SUN, and monitored by Globalgistng, speaks on what God revealed to him concerning other major national issues and personalities in Nigeria, major elections in Africa and the United States.

Primate Ayodele, what God told me about elections in Edo, Ondo, Ghana, and America

The governorship elections in Ondo and Edo are fast approaching, what has God revealed to you concerning these elections?

In Ondo, Akeredolu must be very careful because the people in whom he believes so much are the same set of people that will sell him out. Akeredolu has every tendency to win the governorship election and retain the position. But if he sleeps too much, those people he so much counts on will sell him out.

But if he is able to plug all necessary lopeholes, Akeredolu will come back. But the so-called leaders of the party in whom Akeredolu believes so much both at national and local levels may back one of the candidates against him. Akeredolu must not put all his hope on these people. He needs to re-strategise to be able to counter whatever clandestine plots this set of people may have to be able to retain the seat.

In Edo State, Oshiomhole has dug his political grave. Oshiomhole has no business fighting Obaseki’s re-election. He could have disciplined the governor in another form. Only manipulation will take Obaseki out of power. If the election is free and fair, Obaseki will come back ten times.

So, Obaseki must work hard against manipulation of the election to be able to retain the seat. Ize-Iyamu will not be a stable candidate for Edo State. But if they force Ize-Iyamu to rig the election, he and Oshiomhole will fight dirtier than we are currently witnessing between Oshiomhole and Obaseki. I predicted it in 2016 when Oshiomhole picked Obaseki, I said the two would fight seriously. Now, I am saying that if they rig Ize-Iyamu in, Edo would witness a fierce tug of war between Oshiomhole and Ize-Iyamu.

But from all indications, the pendulum is swinging in Obaseki’s direction. Notwithstanding, the election is going to be volatile. There will be rigging, killing and all manners of illegalities to manipulate the exercise.

What has God revealed to you on the elections in Ghana and the United States?

The incumbent government does not want John Mahama to come back. They want to do everything to push him aside. John Mahama must work very well in the Upper Volta region and take necessary advice and do all that is necessary. If he can keep to this advice, John Mahama will unseat Nana Ada Akufo.

He should not rely on his past glory, that won’t take him there. In the United States, if the election holds today, Joe Biden will win, but if they allow Trump to go ahead with the mailing voting, it will cause rigging. Joe Bidden must kick against it. Five states will give Joe Bidden victory at the election. Wisconsin, California, Colorado, Philadelphia, and Washington. Out of the American states, these are where his victory lies. Joe Biden should work on the blacks.

We said it earlier in our previous prophecies that the killings of blacks would increase and that the black would protest. If Trump wins this election, blacks will be in more trouble. There will be more killing of the blacks. America having a deal with United Arab Emirates and Israel won’t work out. If Joe Biden fails to work on all these, Trump will come back.

The nation’s security challenges appear to have defied all known solutions. What is the way out for the country?

If Buhari does not remove these Service Chiefs, the current security challenges will continue unabated. A new terrorist group is already in Nigeria that is apart from Boko Haram. Our security operatives ought to have arrested Shekau, but they are just playing politics around it.

The whereabouts of Shekau is in the book (Warning to the Nations 2020/2021). We revealed the same secret about Osama bin Ladin and that was the exact place where he was caught. So, the whereabouts of Shekau, where the army can get him is in that book. And very soon the secret of Fulani herdsmen behind the carnages in the country will be exposed.

The government needs to take care of the Shiite matter to prevent it from turning to something else. Amotekun will be threatened because the government does not want Amotekun to see the light of the day.

What is revealed to you concerning Bayelsa State governor, Douye Diri?

Only INEC can help the governor. Besides if they conduct another election they will try to turn it around, but he will still win. The governor should not rest yet he must work harder and strategise properly.

What is your take on the controversy trailing the newly amended Company and Allied Matters Act (CAMA)?

I said it earlier in the year that the government would attempt to fight the Church. It is unfortunate that Christian leaders are not very active in this matter. I am talking as a person; no trustee can take over my Church from me. I have every access to God and I will fight that trustee with that God.

Let them come; I am ready for this CAMA. No man, no government in the world can attempt to use the law over my Church. I will never submit my Church account to anybody except there is any report that I stole the church’s money. The church I suffered to build with my strength, money, time and somebody who does not know anything about what I went through to build the church wants to impose trustee over the church. I will fight the trustee with holy ballistic, I will use holy bomb against anybody that wants to try that in my church.

Did I collect money from the government to build my church? It is only those who the government gave money that they can apply CAMA. It is going to be a fight to finish between God and whoever wants to try that in my church. I won’t submit any paper to any government because I didn’t collect money from the government to build my church. Those who advised the government concerning the CAMA issue are evil and satanic. It is God’s church and it is God that put me in charge.

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You have just released a compendium of 10, 000 fulfilled prophecies, how would you say this has helped those who the messages were meant for?

Whether the people yielded to those prophecies or not is immaterial. We have 200,000 fulfilled prophecies from 1994 to date. I have to respect and commend the people who started it. It started with the late Primate Oshitelu; the late Prophet Okonzua, the late Prophet Samuel Adewole of CCC, Opopo Igbala and the man who did it as a usual practice on annual basis, he is still alive. That is Primate Theophilus Oluwaseun Olabayo of Yahweh before we now came on board.

I want to thank God because he has never disappointed me. I salute the courage of the people, especially Primate Olabayo, for taking the initiative to do it. Olabayo is a true prophet of God. God had told me a long time ago that I would be a prophet and that I would be publishing a book of prophecies.

I started with The Present and Future Watch in 1994, but in 1997 God said I should change it to Warnings to the Nations and I give all glory to God because this is the first that anybody has ever done in the whole world.

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