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China has accused India of violating the territorial sovereignty

The official representative of the Western Command of the Chinese theater of military operations, Colonel Zhang Shuili, on Monday, August 31, commented on the situation on the Sino-Indian border, the press service of the PRC’s defense department reported.

According to him, India violated the agreements reached on the adjacent territories, as its troops illegally crossed the border line, provoking tension in the region. These are territories in the region of the Hunan coast and the nearby Retsin mountain pass.

“This step by the Indian side seriously violated the territorial sovereignty of China, seriously undermined peace and stability in the area of ​​the Sino-Indian border and opposed it. China is categorically opposed to this, “- said in a statement from a spokesman for the PRC Ministry of Defense.

Shuili called on India to withdraw its troops from the indicated territories and fulfill its obligations, avoiding further escalation of the situation.

Earlier on the same day, the Indian Ministry of Defense announced a new clash with Chinese troops in the Ladakh border region, which, according to the department, occurred on the night of August 30 on the shores of Lake Pangong Tso.

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It was reported that Indian troops took measures to strengthen their positions and did not allow China to “unilaterally change the state of affairs.”

A new round of exacerbation between China and India over the territories in Ladakh began in June. Then the PRC opened fire on the Indian military, stating that they had illegally crossed the state border. As a result of the shelling , three people died , another 17 died from their wounds later. The Chinese side blamed the incident on India.

Prior to that, throughout May, on the disputed Indian-Chinese border, there were clashes between the military of the two countries, accompanied by the transfer of additional contingents and weapons from each side. On May 5, a mass brawl broke out at one of the sites in East Ladakh, in which about 400 servicemen from both sides took part.

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