Apple Removes Epic Games Account From App Store

Game developer Epic Games, which created the video game Fortnite, has been removed from the App Store. This was reported on Friday, August 28, by Bloomberg with reference to Apple’s statement.

Apple Removes Epic Games Account From App Store

The corporation explained that the court recommended Epic Games to comply with the App Store principles, which it followed for 10 years, but the game developer refused to do so.

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On August 14, it became known that Epic Games was suing Apple and Google after they removed Fortnite from the App Store and Google Play catalogs. The developer accused the companies of monopolizing the market, pointing out that this is a violation of antitrust laws.

Apple and Google explained the removal of the video game from their stores by saying that the updated version of Fortnite, released on August 13, violates their rules, as it allows players to purchase currency and make other purchases directly within the game, bypassing the built-in payment mechanisms of the application catalogs.

On August 18, it was reported that Apple intends to completely shut down Epic Games game developer accounts in the AppStore. Additionally, the developer will be denied access to iOS and Mac tools.

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