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Nutritionist named the main enemies of immunity

Nutritionist, dermatocosmetologist Irina Lizun told in an interview with Sputnik radio which foods should be avoided in order to increase immunity.

According to the specialist, excess sugar consumption can alter the microflora that binds the body’s immune responses. Another enemy of immunity is trans fats, the nutritionist said.

“Trans fats appear, for example, when dishes are fried in oil several times, when something similar to animal oils is made from vegetable oils. For example, margarine is like butter. There are many trans fats in semi-finished products, they negatively affect the immune function, ”said Lizun.

In addition, flavor enhancers, flavors, and dyes negatively affect the immune system.

“By itself, the content of, for example, a dye in a food product will not bring a negative. But if a person constantly eats something with dyes, flavors, the total effect can have a negative effect, ”the nutritionist warned.

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Also, according to her, a monotonous diet high in fats and carbohydrates is dangerous for immunity.

“If a person has only potatoes, pasta, pork and cucumbers in his diet every day, a deficiency of vitamins, microelements and antioxidants is automatically brewing. The same is true if a person eats fast food. Any deficiency will be critical for immunity, ”the specialist emphasized.

Earlier, in August, Elena Chigiya told what foods should be consumed for breakfast to get the maximum benefit. According to her, it is not worth eating one porridge; an egg, fruit or vegetables should be present in the diet.

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