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House Speaker Opposes The Debate Between Trump And Biden

House Speaker, Democrat Nancy Pelosi opposed the holding of an election debate between the current US President Donald Trump and the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. This was reported by The Hill newspaper on Thursday, August 27th.

According to her, she does not believe that the current president corresponds to an image that “at least someone associates with truth, data and facts.” Pelosi also expressed concern that Trump would act unworthy during the debate.

Trump named the condition for Biden's victory in the presidential election

The speaker suggested holding separate events for each candidate, at which they would answer questions. At the same time, Biden himself, after Pelosi’s statement, said that he would like to hold a debate. In an interview with MSNBC he pointed out that he would like to become a person who “collects and points to facts right on the stage in the process of debate.”

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Republicans officially nominated US President Donald Trump on August 24 for a second term.

Former US Vice President Joe Biden was confirmed last week by Democratic delegates. Trump believes that Biden can win the presidential elections only by rigging them.

At the same time, according to the latest polls , 50% of Americans are ready to vote for Biden, about 46% for Trump.

The US presidential election is scheduled for November 3.

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