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Nigeria Politics: When Sycophacy Becomes a Political Achievement

Sycophacy is not in anyway a virtue but an act of displaying lack of autonomous morality, bereft of content and self-control.

I must say here today that one of the reason why our leaders never care to serve us is the sycophantic behaviors of most of their blind followers who always praise their flaws, defend their lies and shield them from facing the wrath of judgment through their senseless and shameful protest.

If there was a law against sycophants, by now most of our leaders ,high and low would be behind bars. That’s no exaggeration. To confirm this, how many of our political leaders, especially those in the positions of power ever lost corrupt cases?, it’s only when they are out of office or step on toes that hammer hit them hard on the head.

Most people do mistaken Loyalty for Sycophancy, but they are two different words. One can be loyal to a leader or a cause but it will never stop them from saying the truth and make them lose their integrity and uprightness.

Today, the epidemic disease killing the future of most of our educated youths is the act of sycophancy. It’s common among the so called social media politicians and defenders of political leaders. Sometimes you wonder for the kind of disease that damaged their keen of intellect and sense of reasoning to the level that they decided to reduce themselves to mere political dogs that bark for no good reason.

Sycophancy is one of the celebrated disease in our society today. Sometimes the level of your bootlicking, Flattery and toady determine how far you go in politics, this is one of the reason why sycophancy becomes norms to ascent to political positions.

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Sycophancy is not limited to those defending political office holders, it’s also common among the opposition and the so called activist with no fist. When they criticise, they do it blindly, when they praise they do it senselessly but funny enough, this is counted as part of their political achievements.

Most of the occupant of political Positions are nothing but sycophants who have nothing upstairs to contribute and no ideologies to present but all what they can boast on is their sycophantic behaviors that have transformed to psychological impairment.

Have you ever wonder why our best are not giving chances to lead?, it’s all because we celebrate sycophants and it has become common political achievements.

Let stand against all sycophants, let work together to rehabilitate them back to normal for their destruction have no limit.

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