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Professor Eleka debunks rumours of a rift in the Ayo Fayose political family, says: “I remain an unrepentant political disciple of Osoko”

Former Deputy Governor of Ekiti State, Prof. Kolapo Olusola Eleka, has described a write up being circulated on Social Media, insinuating a crack in the political family of former Governor Ayodele Fayose, as figment of the imagination of the writers.

In a statement in Ado Ekiti on Sunday, Prof. Eleka, who said he remained “an unrepentant Osoko political disciple and a member of the Osoko Political Assembly,” added that his unwavering commitment and loyalty which has its root in the fear of God was not in doubt regardless of tales targeted to create division by the rumor mongers.

“It is worthy to note without ambiguity that I belong to Ayo Fayose Political Assembly which was recently inaugurated; my unwavering commitment and loyalty which has its root in the fear of God is not in doubt regardless of tales targeted to create division by the rumor mongers. I participated fully in the inauguration of Osoko PDP Political Assembly on Friday at Afao Ekiti which is one of it kinds in the history of PDP in Ekiti.

“It is misplaced and unfounded that Fayose whom I enjoyed his total support against all odds could extort me according to the statement.”

Fayose had said recently that “On Ekiti Agenda we stand. Any other agenda is self serving and negates our collective interest and fair representation; it is always sponsored by weak and narrow minded politicians and driven by political extortionist. No to south agenda.”

Writer of the fictitious write up had capitalised on this statement, insinuating that it was directed at the former deputy governor.

However, Prof Eleka wondered if those he described as “disgruntled elements masquerading as PDP members, but are more of APC” were bereft of knowledge to comprehend what Fayose meant.

“Even before my boss, Fayose cleared the air on his statement which was not targeted at genuine aspiration of any of our members irrespective of his or her senatorial district, it has always been my belief that Ekiti is one and must be treated as such.

“Although there are legitimate agitations from the south senatorial district for equal representation, this should not necessarily be the only yardstick for determining who will be the governor of Ekiti. Any governorship candidate must enjoy wide support of people and stout acceptability across the state regardless of his constituency.

“It is also very important to note that no former or serving Ekiti Governor has started his electioneering campaigns with zonal agenda. Electoral qualities such as viability, general acceptability and popularity are preeminent among the factors that will determine the victory of any contestant.”

Speaking further, the University Don said; “It is imperative to note that there is no division of any form in Osoko political family. First, I am and have always been an unrepentant member of the Osoko dynasty. Secondly, I enjoyed Fayose’s support and confidence when I was his deputy and he is still my boss.

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“As his deputy and confidant, I have knowledge of some, if not most of the challenges facing education sector in Ekiti state. He gave me the opportunity to revitalize the education sector which resulted in the first position Ekiti made in NECO/SSCE.

“Through his quest for egalitarian society, I have dedicated aspect of my productive life to human development, to the study of ways the incoming generations and Nigeria at large can witness a rebirth.

“I therefore admonish those behind the write up to desist from spewing balderdash in their futile attempt to create division in the PDP and Osoko Political Family. They should rather engage themselves in productive issues which will be of great importance to their lives, Ekiti State and Nigeria.”

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