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Nutritionist told about the harm of potatoes for health

Nutritionist Irina Lizun spoke about the harmful and beneficial properties of potatoes, as well as how to cook it correctly.

Nutritionist told about the harm of potatoes for health

According to her, the vegetable itself is not a harmful product with moderate consumption and the absence of medical contraindications. However, potatoes are a fairly high-calorie product, and common recipes for its preparation aggravate this quality.

For example, potatoes contain a useful type of starch – resistant starch, but when heat treated it changes its properties. So, his glycemic index rises, which makes potatoes “not quite an unambiguous product.”

Lizun also pointed out that popular potato dishes are far from the most healthy.

“The most high-calorie potato dish is obtained after frying. French fries are the worst option. Classic puree also has a high glycemic index. And if you add oil to the mashed potatoes, it will also become very high in calories, ”she told Sputnik radio on Monday, August 24.

The most low-calorie and healthy is baked young potatoes, eaten with the skin, as it contains beneficial antioxidants in the skin and in the layer under the skin.

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The nutritionist also dispelled the misconception that sweet potatoes are a healthier variety of potatoes.

“Potatoes are high in starch, so they try to find a variety of substitutes for it. If we talk about sweet potatoes, that is, about sweet potatoes, then this is a rather funny substitute in terms of weight loss. Sweet potato also contains sugar and has a high calorie content, and it is also quite expensive, but in fact it is about the same, ”said Lizun.

Earlier, experts talked about the dangers of eating raw potatoes . So, if a vegetable begins to germinate after a long storage, the bacteria that are formed on the sprouts enter the tuber itself and remain in it, even if the sprouts are cut off.

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