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The pain of the world will end soon, keep moving

The intense pain of the world is a sign that the womb of heaven is pregnant with something spectacular that will imprint a true smile on the faces of people living on earth.

God is very well aware of unpleasant things happening in the world (caused by sin and disobedience to his loving instructions). In spite of all this, in spite of the exaltation of sin and sinners with their evil and evil deeds, God will not cease to love the earth that he created, and he still seeks to establish true peace and joy in the earthly Kingdom.

God educates people (his own sons and daughters) from the peoples of the world, and he turns them into carriers of the divine solution, which he will use to solve some of the countless problems facing the world-talk of poverty, disease, mismanagement, untimely death, unemployment, all sorts of negative addictions, and so on. These sons and daughters of Yahweh (who must have made a genuine decision to give their integrity to God) will be placed in strategic positions, sectors, and industries. They will be duly authorized by God to act on a higher level of power and intelligence, and their activities and efforts will reduce the suffering of the world to a certain extent – with the goal of bringing more people into the Kingdom of God.

However, the final and perfect solution to the world’s problems will be tested when Jesus Christ returns with his saints to establish his utopian rule on earth. Until the perfect God returns to establish his perfect Kingdom here, the earth will continue to experience trouble and pain – since it is currently ruled by imperfect and fallen people.

You should note that before Jesus Christ returns to establish his reign on Earth for a while, the rapture will first occur. The ascension is the next great event that will transport the true and authentic children of God (both dead and alive) to the presence of Christ in heaven, where we will, among other things, participate in the feast known as the marriage feast of the lamb.

However, immediately after the ascension, the Great tribulation will begin, and the Antichrist will be given the power to torment those who are left behind. The Antichrist will cause people to get the mark of the beast (666) either on their forehead or on their hand. Those who do not receive it will be severely tormented: they will not be able to buy and sell, they will suffer severe persecution, and no one will help them. And according to the graphic illustration given by the Lord Jesus of the great tribulation (Matthew 24: 15-28), many will not be able to endure the torment for long (that is, they cannot fail to receive the mark of the beast), but: those who receive the mark of the beast will be forever cursed in the lake of fire at the appointed time.

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Therefore, wisdom requires that each of us understand the signs and know that the time has come to approach God and establish a true and sincere individual relationship with him. This is the time to leave our sinful ways and begin to serve God in spirit and truth. It is time to accept the lordship of Christ and make Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior.

If you haven’t made Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior yet, just do it now. Call on His name wherever you are, ask him to enter your life, and you will be saved! You will be happier if you give up your current sinful lifestyle, because your Holy relationship with God (your Creator) will give you power over all that he has created (which is God’s will for you).

You will begin to live and enjoy life only after you have made Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior.

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