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Six Things A Christian Should Never Do-Tunde Korede

The word “Christian” is not an emblem. This name is given to true followers of Jesus Christ. There are many people who profess to be Christians today, but they are nothing but non-believers.

Christians are expected to have a Christ-Like character. They are supposed to represent Christ on earth. They are supposed to have certain qualities that distinguish them from non-believers.

However, there are some qualities that are repugnant to the Christ-Like character. Besides, there are things that a good Christian should never do. Come with me while I outline them one by one.

Six Things A Good Christian Should Never Do
Never Hate

1In. 2:9.11
[9]he who says that he is in the light, and hates his brother, is still in the dark.
But he that hateth his brother abideth in darkness, and walketh in darkness, and knoweth not whither he goeth, because the darkness hath blinded his eyes.

Your Christian life is wrong if you have certain people you hate. If you have developed a deep hatred for certain people that God created, you are not a good Christian.

Moreover, the life force of Christianity is love, and no true believer should hate any person. The Bible says that you are in darkness if you hate people.

No matter what others have done for you, the word “hate” should no longer be found in you. We are ordered to love everyone. You don’t have to love the believers and hate the disbelievers.

God loves the world, and he has given us His only begotten Son. This is the kind of love that every Christian should have. God expects us to love all people, regardless of their faith, lifestyle, status, tribe, or nationality.

So one of the things a Christian should never do is hate people. Hatred is a sure sign of our Association with the devil-darkness. The true sign of a believer is love.

A good Christian should never hold a grudge against anyone
Ephesians 4: 31
[31] let all bitterness be removed from you, and wrath, and wrath, and shouting, and slander, with all malice:

According to the Bible, every believer must get rid of all malice. How can you call yourself a Christian and find it easier to hold a grudge against people?

Resentment is a deep-rooted and / or lasting hostility or dislike to something or someone. This may be due to past bad behavior or mistreatment.

Of course, people will offend us. They will do certain things that will incite us against them. But a pious believer will not hold malice. We must love them as they are.

Frankly, if you are called a Christian. And you like to take offense at people, my dear, you are not a true Christian. Because a true Christian must get rid of anger.

Today, forgive the person who offended you. Start greeting him / her if he / she doesn’t greet you. Finish your argument today. Who knows when Jesus will return? Nobody.

Once again, a true Christian will never hold a grudge against his neighbor. So he forgave them regardless of the frivolity of the sin.

Wrong Reasons For Fasting

Don’t use your language incorrectly
James 1: 26
[26]If any of you seem religious, and do not curb your tongue, but deceive your heart, that man’s religion is in vain.

You may be one of those who attend Church from Sunday to the following Sunday. But whenever you go home, you use your language incorrectly. The Bible says that your religion (Christianity) is false.

Therefore, a good believer should be able to put his language under objects. You should be able to keep your mouth shut from time to time. And you should know when to speak.

People will question your certificate of salvation if you use obscene words. Believers should stay away from tainted communication, such as offensive language, swearing, and rude jokes.

Also, if you can control your language, you are a perfect person (James 3: 2). Don’t let your language control you as a believer.

Indeed, as a good Christian, there are some things you should never say. There are words that should never come out of your mouth.

Weigh your words. Don’t tell me. Imagine Christ well on earth, bringing your language into subjection.

  • Refusing To Forgive People
    Ephesians 4: 32
    And be kind to each other, tender-hearted, and forgive each other, as God for Christ’s sake has forgiven you.

Refusing to forgive people when they offend you is a sign of false Christianity. Christianity is a religion of love. And if you love your fellow men, you will forgive them.

Check yourself if you have the root of bitterness. Whenever you find it difficult to forgive people, you portray yourself as an unbeliever.

Those who cannot forgive others will not be forgiven by God. We all make mistakes, and sometimes we lack the glory of God. Yet God forgives us.

Then who are you not to forgive all people? Any man can hurt you. So be prepared for this. If they offend you, forgive them.

  • Never Ignore The Needs Of Other People
    James 2: 15-17
    [15] if a brother or sister is naked and deprived of daily food,
    [16] and one of you says to them: depart in peace, be warmed and filled; though you do not give them what the body needs; what is the use of it?
    So faith, if it has no works, is dead, being alone.

Every believer must confirm their faith in God by deeds. Show me a Christian without works, and I will show you an irresponsible believer.

Let your good deeds speak for you. It’s not fair that you see the needy and neglect them. If you really gave your life to Christ. The love in you will make you give to others.

Who are the ones who need you around? The best way to show them your Christianity is to help them. For faith without works is dead.

Unfortunately, there are countless rich Christians today who keep their wealth only for themselves. They don’t care about the welfare of others.

However, they brag and brag about their wealth in front of people to impress them. Even the average believer will tell you that he will start giving when he becomes a stinking rich man.

Many of us have failed in this aspect. Let’s forget about giving to get more. The nature in us must make us change our lives. If we give in order to receive, it means that we are selfish.

Let’s change and start helping people right now. Start with where you are right now. Don’t wait until you are too rich.

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  • Never Forget To Admire
    James 5: 7
    So be patient, brothers, until the coming of the Lord, the farmer waits for the precious fertility of the soil, patiently treating it until the early and late rains fall.

Unfortunately, many of those who called themselves Christians forgot about the coming of our Lord. If you ask the average Christian what they expect today.

He / she will say that he / she expects to become rich. This is wrong, because wealth will perish with this world. We must place our hopes on eternity, not on the earthly.

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