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The Nigerian engine plant recently gained international recognition when the government of Serria Leonian purchased a brand of engines worth $4.7 million.

This enviable feat was brought to the attention of the public by the Chairman of the company’s group of Directors, Chief Chukwuma Innocent.
Congratulations, INNOSON MOTORS, more feathers to your caps.

In retrospect, the NASS that are supposed to serve as impetus to this INNOSON MOTORS blantantly rejected their products when the motion was moved in the House for them to purchase their vehicles, the profligate NASS opted for foreign products.

Before we say Jack Robinson Buhari government would say that they have banned the importation of foreign products.

I Olulade Ayodele said it before and I will keep on repeating it that the classical enemies we have in Nigeria are those nefarious and notorious politicians in the corridor of power.

They have turned Nigeria to their own Empire. They decide the fate of Nigerians anyhow and turn Nigeria to internal slavery.

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These children of Lucifer must be done away with otherwise Nigeria will never break even.

This bunch of vision less chaps occupying the seat of power milking Nigeria dry should be got rid of.

The Time is ripe for Nigerians to come out of their hypnotism and deliver themselves from these satanic politicians.

Congrats, once again INNOSON MOTORS for this enviable feat. A prophet is not without honour except in his own country.

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