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What the nutritionist said about the optimal Breakfast

In order for Breakfast to be balanced, it is not enough to eat only porridge, says nutritionist Elena Chigiya.

What the nutritionist said about the optimal Breakfast

According to her, porridge is almost entirely composed of some carbohydrates and does not provide the body with all the necessary nutrients in the morning. So, an egg, cheese or other protein product should be added to the cooked cereal. It’s also important to add fruits or vegetables that contain fiber.

“Breakfast should be quite hearty, 30% of the diet, so it can be, conditionally, salad, egg, porridge, cheese sandwich, maybe some kind of meat dish,” Chigiya told radio Spuntnik on Saturday, August 22.

She also advised to cook porridge with milk, not water.

“In cereal products, in the same porridge, proteins are not assimilated, because they are not balanced in amino acid composition. There is not enough lysine, and since lysine is not enough, everything else is not absorbed, ”the nutritionist noted.

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In order for proteins to be assimilated, it is necessary to cook porridge with milk, where there is enough lysine, or add some kind of dairy product to the finished dish. Chigiya recommended to consume cereals with milk protein.

On August 14, a nutritionist named the best foods for dinner . So, for an evening meal, it is best to choose vegetable and protein dishes, as this will help avoid problems associated with excess weight.

According to the expert, the most rational dinner is fish and vegetables, meat and vegetables or chicken and vegetables. In addition, it is permissible to eat dairy and cottage cheese products, eggs, cheese – the main sources of protein for dinner.

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