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Trump promises to make a deal with Iran in a week if he is re-elected

US President Donald Trump said that if he is re-elected in the November elections, Tehran will be ready to conclude a new deal with Washington within a week, including in the field of nuclear weapons.

Trump promises to make a deal with Iran in a week if he is re-elected

His August 21 speech in Arlington, Virginia was broadcast on the White House Twitter page .

“I say that they [the Iranian authorities] will conclude a deal within a month, but most likely even a week. I just want to be accurate, ”said the American leader.

At the same time, Trump noted that if he does not retain the presidency, the Iranians will stall for time and subsequently receive the most profitable deal for them from Washington.

In addition, the American leader once again criticized the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), calling the treaty short-term and stressing that he did not regret withdrawing from it.

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On August 20, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo officially notified the UN Security Council of the restoration of US sanctions against Iran and expressed his hope for support of the initiative. In 30 days, it is planned to restore the arms embargo and the ban on Tehran’s enrichment of uranium.

The United States withdrew from the JCPOA unilaterally in 2018, the remaining members of the deal (Russia, Great Britain, France, Germany and China) believe that the United States now has no right to launch a mechanism to restore sanctions on Iran.

Tehran also believes that Washington does not have the right to launch a mechanism for restoring restrictions, since it withdrew from the “nuclear deal”, which assumed the lifting of restrictions in exchange for Iran’s refusal to nuclear development.

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