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Trump criticizes Biden and Clinton

US presidential candidate from the Democratic party Joe Biden is more likable than his predecessor Hillary Clinton, but inferior to her in intelligence, said on Friday, August 21, the American leader of the Republican Donald Trump.

Trump criticizes Biden and Clinton

“Clinton is smarter than him, but humanly less pleasant. Joe has the opposite: he is not smart, but a nicer personality, “he said during a speech, which was broadcast on Twitter at the White House.

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Trump also added that he definitely needs to win the upcoming elections.

On Friday, August 21, Biden formally agreed to run for the presidency of the United States from the Democratic Party. He also promised that if he wins, the United States will overcome the “era of darkness.”

On August 18, the delegates from the Democratic Party approved the politician’s candidacy . The next day, Senator Kamala Harris was confirmed as the vice-presidential candidate, becoming the first black woman to run for such a high position.

According to the latest polls , more than 50% of Americans are ready to vote for the Democratic candidate, about 46% intend to support Trump.

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