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Liver cancer protective drink reveals

Australian scientists have found that drinking at least two cups of coffee a day significantly reduces the risk of liver cancer, according to MedicalXpress on Friday, August 21.

Liver cancer protective drink reveals

The study showed that if you drink two to three cups of this drink a day, then the risk of getting cancer will decrease by 38%, in the case of drinking more than four cups, the indicator will decrease by 41%.

Moreover, in the first case, the risk of death from liver cancer will decrease by 46%, and in the second – by 71%.

Experts analyzed data on the disease for 2016, according to which more than 1 million 240 thousand people died from liver cancer. They also took into account the statistics on coffee consumption among these people.

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As a result, Australian scientists concluded that with a daily consumption of two cups of coffee from liver cancer, 452,861 fewer patients would die. If participants in the study drank four cups, 723,287 people would survive.

Thus, experts believe that the authorities should promote the need to consume natural coffee among the population in order to protect themselves from cancer.

On August 6, Russian pediatrician Yevgeny Komarovsky said that five sunburns in childhood increase the risk of developing melanoma (a malignant skin tumor) in the future.

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