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China launches insect cell vaccine trials for COVID-19


China will begin trials of a COVID-19 vaccine based on insect cells. This was reported by the Global Times on 22 August.

The report says that the recombinant protein vaccine was developed by scientists at Sichuan University and approved for clinical trials by the government of China’s medical products.

The development of the vaccine was carried out by the biological laboratories of Sichuan University.

The vaccine has been tested in monkeys and other animals and found to be able to protect against COVID-19 infection without obvious side effects.

Tentatively, the vaccine will be produced in the amount of 100 million kits per year – for this, an enterprise with the necessary capacity was created by the efforts of employees of the Western China Hospital at Sichuan University, a vaccine research group and a biological company specializing in biotechnology.

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Earlier, on July 30, Chinese Ambassador to Moscow Zhang Hanhui said that Russian and Chinese pharmaceutical companies are discussing joint clinical trials of vaccines against coronavirus.


He noted that China aims to cooperate with countries in need in developing a vaccine.

In the Russian Federation, a vaccine against coronavirus infection called “Sputnik V” was registered on August 11. The drug was developed by the specialists of the Center. N. Gamalei. The Russian Ministry of Health has already announced the launch of it into production.

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