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US predicts nuclear crisis due to global warming

Global climate change poses risks to the US nuclear industry, Bloomberg reported on August 19, citing a report from Moody’s Investors Service.

“Our factories are reasonably resistant to severe weather, but climate change is happening very quickly,” said David Kamran, author of the report and Moody’s project and infrastructure analyst.

Experts assessed 57 US nuclear power plants in terms of their readiness for possible natural threats in the next 20 years. It turned out that most of the enterprises are not ready for the heat wave associated with global warming.

In addition, in heat or drought, nuclear power plants can face the problem of cooling the reactors, as well as risk being hit by floods.

The study authors emphasized the need to strengthen existing stations and adapt them to potential threats.

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It is noted that after the accident at the Japanese “Fukushima-1” in 2011, which was provoked by the tsunami and earthquake, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission initiated an assessment of the risks associated with climate change and other natural hazards at its own nuclear power plants.

The design check of 60 nuclear enterprises showed that 54 of them are unable to cope with critical natural phenomena.

The United States is becoming the country with the oldest nuclear power plants. In December last year, the US federal authorities extended the license of the Turkey Point nuclear power plant for 20 years . By the time this permit expires, the NPP will “celebrate” its 80th anniversary and will be the oldest operating nuclear power plant in the world.

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