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US Navy veteran warns of consequences of fighting Russian submarines


Reflections of the United States and NATO countries on methods of effectively fighting the Russian Navy in the event of a military conflict are fraught with the use of atomic weapons, Naval College Review quotes US Navy veteran Bradford Dismuwks.

In his opinion, Russian nuclear submarines (nuclear submarines) are one of the key factors in nuclear deterrence. In this regard, any threat against them is a provocation of the Russian government to a nuclear conflict.

During the Cold War, the US Navy planned to sink Soviet submarines inside its “bastion” – a sea area protected from all directions. However, this plan – also known as “strategic anti-submarine warfare” – was a bad idea 40 years ago and is not getting better today, Forbes notes .

In this regard, the United States should not “in all conceivable circumstances” threaten Russian nuclear submarines with ballistic missiles on board, since in this situation “failure is preferable to success,” Dismukes stressed.

He also noted that the US Navy and its allies need to reconsider their position on the methods of dealing with Russian submarines off the coast of Russia.

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“If you believe the old worldly wisdom, then a person’s problems arise not because he does not know something, but because he was completely sure of something,” he said.


In June, US Navy Commander for Europe and Africa James Foggo said Russia was transforming the Eastern Mediterranean into one of the most militarized zones in the world thanks to the presence of submarines. He noted that Russian submarines are capable of moving in different parts in European waters and can hit any capital of Europe or Africa with missiles.

At the same time, Moscow has repeatedly noted that the country’s Armed Forces operate only for defense purposes.

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