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Trump named the condition for Biden’s victory in the presidential election

US President Donald Trump said that Joe Biden, nominated by the Democratic party for the post of head of state, can win the presidential election only by falsifying their results.

He stressed that it is necessary to vote for the Democrats if the Americans want to see bandits and criminals on the streets. Trump called Biden the worst nightmare not only for the residents of Pennsylvania, where the former vice president of the country was born, but for all citizens.

“The only way for them to win is to rig elections. I’m really sure of that, ”he said during a speech in Pennsylvania on Thursday August 20, which was broadcast by CNN .

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According to Trump, if Biden wins the election, then American exchanges will collapse.

Earlier, Trump accused Biden of that he, as well as former US President Barack Obama, did not cope with duties. According to the American leader, this was the reason for his decision to run for the presidency.

The US presidential election is scheduled for November 3. According to the latest polls , more than 50% of respondents said they would support Biden, about 46% wanted to vote for Trump.

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