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Biden said the US is ready to eradicate systemic racism

The United States is ready to root out systemic racism, presidential candidate Joe Biden said at the online Democratic party Convention because of the coronavirus.

“History has presented us with another urgent task. Will we be the first generation to finally erase the stain of racism from our national character? I believe that we can do this, that we are ready, “- quotes the text of his speech to CNBC on Friday, August 21.

Biden stressed that the US is ready to finally dump the “heavy burden of hatred” and do the hard work to eradicate systemic racism. According to the politician, he was deeply impressed by the meeting with the daughter of the African American George Floyd, who died in May in Minneapolis.

“Perhaps the assassination of George Floyd was a watershed moment,” he said.

Earlier, Biden officially agreed to run for the presidency of the United States from the Democratic Party. He promised that if he wins, the United States will overcome the “era of darkness.”

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The US presidential election will be held on November 3. Biden will face the incumbent President Donald Trump. According to the latest polls , more than 50% of Americans are ready to vote for Biden, about 46% for Trump.

At the end of May, mass actions against racism began in the United States against the background of the death of a black George Floyd during police arrest.

The rallies soon escalated into clashes with the police, looting and vandalism. In some American cities, activists began to demolish monuments to historical figures.

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