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Biden promised not to tolerate “Russian payments for the lives of Americans”

Former Vice President of the United States, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said that he will not tolerate ” Russian payments for the lives of Americans.”

Biden promised not to tolerate "Russian payments for the lives of Americans"

“Under President Biden, America will not turn a blind eye to Russian payments for the lives of American soldiers, and I will not allow foreign interference,” Bilen said at an online Democratic convention in Milwaukee, referring to media reports of Russian collusion with the Taliban.

According to the politician, if he wins, he will also not allow “foreign interference in the sacred democratic voting procedures.” In addition, the democrat promised to stand shoulder to shoulder with allies in order to confront opponents.

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On August 19, former US Secretary of State John Kerry said that US President Donald Trump could not resist Russia’s “intervention”. As an example, he cited fake statements by the media about Moscow ‘s “conspiracy” with the Taliban to kill the American military in Afghanistan.

Similar information appeared in several American newspapers, notably The New York Times, in July. The articles claimed that the Russian Federation allegedly offered a reward to the Taliban (banned in Russia) for the murder of the US military.

Moscow categorically rejected unsubstantiated accusations and accused the media of spreading fakes. The reports were also denied by American intelligence and the Taliban themselves.

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