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Trump calls Obama and Biden unsuitable

US President Donald Trump believes that his predecessor as head of state, Barack Obama, and Vice President Joe Biden, who worked with him, did not cope with the task, the Associated Press reported on August 19.

Trump calls Obama and Biden unsuitable

According to the American leader, this was the reason for his decision to run for the presidency.

“They did such a bad job that I stand before you as president,” Trump said, adding that Obama and Biden left him with a “nightmarish legacy.”

Thus, the American leader reacted to criticism from Obama. The day before, at the Democratic National Convention, the former head of state blamed Trump for numerous deaths of American citizens from the coronavirus.

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According to Obama, the current head of the White House “has not grown to this position” and treats the presidency as a reality show with which you can attract attention.

In May, Obama accused the US government of mismanaging the country amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Over the past months, Trump and Obama have regularly exchanged criticisms. So, on the eve of the current US president, he reproached his predecessor for weakness before Russia and accused him of high treason due to alleged “espionage” during the 2016 election campaign.

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