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Nutritionist talks about products that help fight stress

You can support the nervous system with nuts, vegetables and salad greens. Nutritionist Margarita Koroleva told about this in an interview with Nation News on Wednesday, August 19.

Nutritionist talks about products that help fight stress

Earlier, American scientists from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center found that cashew nut shells may be beneficial. The organic compound in the shell helps to restore myelin, the protective sheath that surrounds the nerves, says 360 TV channel . Damage to the myelin sheath is a symptom of multiple sclerosis and related diseases of the central nervous system.

According to the Queen, nuts can help the nervous system thanks to the vitamins A, E and K, as well as fatty acids, which they contain. The latter support the anatomical structure of the brain, which consists of more than a third of fat.

“Myelin sheaths are lipids combined with proteins that maintain the integrity of these structures and provide impulses between nerve cells,” explained the nutritionist.

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Foods containing B vitamins and steroid hormones will also help strengthen the nervous system. These can be cereals, salad greens, vegetables and legumes. They will support the well-coordinated work of all body systems, including the nervous one.

On August 19, it was reported that nutritionist Natalya Kruglova named a number of foods that are undesirable for dinner . At night it is not advisable to eat fatty foods, semi-finished products with meat, sausages, sweets and starchy foods, since such food is “heavy” and creates a serious burden on the body, not allowing it to rest and recover at night.

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