The new Mercedes S-class is intrigued by the interior design

Instead of ripping off the cover of the new S-class, representatives of Mercedes-Benz continue to publish information about the flagship of the next generation: the first teaser, released in may, was followed by a detailed story about the new multimedia system MBUX with six displays. then the engineers started talking about a fully controllable chassis and multiple safety systems. Now it’s time for the final teaser on interior design and passenger comfort, after which the car will finally be fully declassified.

This time, the focus was on the interior of the future S-class and, in particular, the surrounding interior lighting, which formed the basis of systems responsible for passenger comfort. It wraps around the back of all the stars, runs through the entire dashboard and doors, with each 16mm black color in the lighting system consisting of 250 led elements. In addition, thanks to the increased brightness of the backlight, it is visible even in daylight.

Backlighting can change hue when the temperature changes in one of the parts of the passenger compartment, give a red signal in the event of emergency braking or lane-keeping systems, or when trying to open a door in dangerously close proximity to a passing car or cyclist. In addition, the backlight changes when the voice assistant of the MBUX media system is activated – thus it makes it clear that the electronic assistant is turned on and is ready to respond to the command.

The modified ECC (Energizing Comfort Control) system, the first version of which debuted on the current sedan with the W222 index, using preset operating modes for climate control, heating of seats, steering wheel and armrests, ventilation, massage, fragrance, contour lighting of the passenger compartment and the music memory activates a program to increase your comfort level. The principle of its operation has remained the same, however, the modes themselves are now even more different from each other (they include new elements), and to activate the program, you just need to inform the voice assistant of the MBUX system about fatigue. Curiously, on vehicles for the Chinese market, the ECC system will offer a special set of settings tailored to the preferences of local buyers.

Among other things, the company spoke about new seats for passengers in the back row, which offer even more adjustments and an upgraded massage system. From now on, the list of available Seating options consists of five different options, including a three-seat sofa and additional separate chairs with pull-out Ottomans and a heated neck. Other innovations include speakers built into the head restraints, which allow the MBX system to personally contact the driver to transmit navigation tips without disturbing the passengers ‘ peace of mind. By the way, it can also help the driver adjust the seat and the optimal position of the steering wheel – to do this, they just need to tell her their height.

Apparently, this is the end of a long teaser campaign dedicated to the upcoming debut of the new S-class: the long-awaited premiere of the new model will take place next month.

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