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Trump called his rise to power saving the world from war with North Korea

US President Donald Trump on the Hugh Hewitt radio show on Tuesday, August 11, said that if he lost the election in 2016, the United States would go to war with North Korea.

“You would have a war with North Korea. They expected war to break out. Where is the war? There is no war, ” the American leader was quoted as saying by the Daily Express.

According to Trump, if Hillary Clinton came to power, the United States and “the whole world would cease to exist”, and millions of Americans would “die”.

According to the head of the White house, China, Iran and North Korea do not want to re-elect him to the post of President. These countries expect to conclude favorable agreements with the United States if the Democrats win, he said.

If he loses, Trump predicted a deal with Iran “that will be even better for him than the terrible first one, when they got $150 billion plus $1.8 billion in cash.” He also added that ” China also hopes that I will be defeated, because in this case it will take over the United States.”

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Earlier, former assistant to the President for national security John Bolton in his book “the Room where it happened: memoirs of the White house” said that trump during a meeting in Singapore in June 2018, told North Korean leader Kim Jong UN that he was open to lifting UN sanctions against North Korea and ready to think about it. Bolton added that the head of the White house was ready to hold a summit with Kim Jong UN at any cost.

In addition, Bolton claims that he then received a note from Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, in which, describing the American leader, he wrote: “He’s such a talker.”

In response, the President called his former aide “a resentful boring fool who only wanted war.”

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