Google has announced the creation of the largest earthquake recognition network

The American company Google has announced the creation of the largest network of earthquake recognition using Android devices. The company announced this in its blog.

The system is based on the ability to use the operating system to inform people about an earthquake in any part of the world in a timely manner. The Android phone becomes a mini-seismometer and connects to other Android devices, forming a common network.

The company said that all smartphones have a small accelerometer that can sense the earthquake that is happening. If the smartphone feels a tremor, it will send a message to the company’s server, which will combine information from different devices and establish whether an earthquake is actually occurring.

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Google also announced plans to start sending earthquake notifications next to smartphone owners in the future. To get started, you can find out about a seismic event by typing “earthquake” or “earthquake near me”in the Google search engine.

On August 10, it was reported that six earthquakes were registered in the Pacific ocean over the past day. All of them occurred near the Kuril Islands. The magnitude was up to 4.3.

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