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Trump’s reservation boosted demand for Jewish Museum T-shirts in the US

US President Donald Trump’s slip of the tongue during a speech at an event to support national parks became a meme and led to a rush for T-shirts with this phrase.

This was reported on Twitter by the National Museum of American Jewish history in Philadelphia on August 7.

Trump wanted to pronounce the name of Yosemite national Park, which in abbreviated form sounds like Yosemite, but the American leader said “Yo Semite”, which means “Hello, Semite”.

Employees of the Jewish Museum in Philadelphia noted that this clause is not new and t-shirts with this phrase have been on sale since 2011. However, due to the American President’s reservation, the demand for this product has grown significantly.

Earlier, on July 23, former us Vice President Joe Biden called the current head of state Donald trump the first “racist President” in the US. During an online conference, South Korean immigrant Suk Kim expressed concern about what trump calls the COVID-19 Chinese virus.

He stressed that no previous US President allowed himself to do this.

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