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WTI crude oil in US trading rose amid explosion in Beirut

The cost of September supplies of American WTI crude oil showed an increase on Tuesday at the US auction during the session, the price exceeded $ 42 per barrel.

This is evidenced by data from the New York Mercantile exchange (NYMEX ) on August 4.

So, by 15: 05 local time (22: 05 Moscow time), the price of a barrel of oil of this brand increased by $ 0.64 (1.56%), to $ 41.65.

Nations Shares President Scott Nations said on CNBC that the explosion was one of the main reasons for the rise in the value of WTI. He admitted that the tragedy could lead to interruptions in the supply of this type of fuel.

Earlier, on July 30, WTI futures for September declined : then the oil of this brand lost almost 2% to the level of previous trading and reached $ 39.30 per barrel.

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A powerful explosion occurred near the Beirut seaport earlier on Tuesday. As a result, the facades of several buildings in the port area collapsed, and residential buildings and offices were damaged. The building of the Russian Embassy in Lebanon was also damaged, where glass was broken.

According to the country’s Ministry of health, more than 2.5 thousand people were injured and more than 50 died . It is known that the leader of the Lebanese al-Kataib party was among the victims.

According to Lebanese interior Minister Mohammad Fahmy, the cause of the tragedy was an explosion of ammonium nitrate.

August 5 was declared a day of mourning in the country.

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