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10 Things To Know Before Moving Abroad To Study(Video)

Hello guys, my name is Gabby. I am here recently to share my experience. I would like to share with you 10 tips, guys, that I think you will find very useful if you decide to move to Ireland (where I am based) or to another country abroad. please continue reading and watch the detailed video below where I explained everything.

Below are 10 tips or things that I think everyone should consider before they decide to move to Ireland or another country abroad

  1. Research: the importance of proper research cannot be overstated, and research is the first thing I chose, because this is the stage where you start thinking about the school (University, College, or Institute of technology) that you would like to attend, know the course that you would like to study, and you also Want to know if the school is trustworthy, and if it is a globally recognized school, and all this information can be found on the school’s website, or if you think the website is confusing, call the school and get the information you need, or better yet, Google the information you’re looking for and I’m sure something will come up.
  2. Budget: the amount of money you set aside for things like tuition, accommodation, transportation, and more. Budgeting is important because it allows you to stay within your estimated cost and not go over it based on the amount of money you have and the amount of money you have set aside. You can easily create a budget using excel, Microsoft word, or even better Notepad, which is located on your phone, is also a good place to start.
  3. Cost of living: it is important to know what the cost of living is in the country you are planning to move to. The price varies by County and city, so you want to know what it will cost you to live in that city, whether it’s school housing or off-campus living, knowing that cost is important, and you can also factor this into your budget.
  4. Placement: when it comes to getting the right placement, sometimes you get the best and sometimes you don’t. You can start searching for housing even before you go to the country you are moving to. You can Google the country you are going to and try to find something close to school, because it saves you transport costs. And if you don’t get your accommodation in time before you resume work, you can book a hotel or Airbnb while you’re still looking for your accommodation, and always check the school’s website properly for the accommodation section.
  5. The change in the weather / clothing: the weather here is different, and when I say “different”, I mean that the weather is cold and ranges from -0 to 28 degrees depending on the time of year. In a country where it is very cold, you will need thermal clothing, not chiffon clothing. So, if you are thinking of packing your beautiful chiffon top or if you have Packed it. Take it out of your box and try to find clothes that are thick, and if you don’t happen to have one, you can set aside some amount of money so that when you get to your destination country, you can get clothes from stores there.
  6. culture Change: Irish culture is very different from Nigerian culture. In typical Nigerian culture, people are taught to kneel when they greet their elders, but here no one kneels, you just say Hello to whoever you want to greet, and don’t get me wrong, guys, saying “Hello” doesn’t respect that person, it just means that the culture here is not the same as in the country where you are from. And also, When you get on the bus, the driver says “Hello” to you, and you say “Hello” to them in return, and when you get off the bus, you just say “thank you” or “Thank you a million” because that’s what people do here.
  7. Transport system: the transport system here in Ireland is different, and it is also different in each County. For the County I live in, we have buses and taxis (inter/intra city) as well as trains (intra city), buses and taxis operate in the city and counties, while trains just go to other counties. But in Dublin, there are trams in the city. In addition, the payment system differs in that you pay either with your leap card (a card that you top up and just click on when you get on the bus), or in cash.
  8. Food: keep an open mind when it comes to food, and if you are a fan of Nigerian food, be sure to bring some food with you, because buying them here is expensive, and you can take some things with you that will last you some time before you have to restock. There are African stores and Asian stores, and they mostly sell everything African from Garry to okra, ogbono and egusi, even dry fish. But keep an open mind, because there are days when you have to eat chips and chicken, and there are days when you eat Fufu and ogbono.
  9. Work: menial work is the easiest type of work to get here. If, for example, you have a mindset that you can’t work as a cleaner or a salesman, then I don’t know what to say to bring in enough money. Menial work is easy to get, and it pays well, so don’t pay attention to what someone will think or say if they put food on your table, clothes on your back, and pay the bill.
  10. Open Mind: finally, it is important to be open-minded because you are going to a country that is probably unknown to you or known to you, but in any case you want to keep an open mind about everything, and you also want to understand that the systems and rules here will be different from the country where you left.

So, guys, these are all 10 tips that I would like to share with you guys. Again, if you want to watch a detailed video, you can check it out on my YouTube channel, I’ll give you a link below.

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Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it, and I also hope that these tips I shared will be useful to you or someone you love.

Watch the video below:

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