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Some sinners have a greater love than those who go to Church – Reno Omokri, gives reasons

Nigerian writer and social media critic Reno Omokri has again turned to social media to offer some of his famous “Reno nuggets,” and this time his focus is on parishioners and sinners.

In a recent post posted on his official Instagram page, the former presidential aide explained that beer lovers often take care of their friends and sometimes even invest in each other’s businesses.

However, the same cannot be said for some parishioners who are often in cliques and are not as welcoming to each other.

Omokri then asked why they look down on beer drinkers, since he believes that some sinners have more love than churchgoers.

He wrote: “If beer drinkers hear that one of their friends is ill, they visit him. If they can’t afford the drugs, they contribute to their purchase.

They listen to each other and provide moral support when their friend is ill. They even invest in each other’s businesses.

You can’t help each other in your Church. In fact, if you are in the accompaniment Department, you can’t log in to the chorister clique. And yet you look down on beer drinkers? If Christianity speaks of love (and it does), then some sinners have more love than their parishioners!

“See the message below:

Only a short time ago, he advised Nigerians to stop complaining about churches being closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Omokri, who took to his Twitter page to give this advice, said businesses are also closed, but they don’t complain as much as churches.

He acknowledged that donations have declined, but said he supports closing churches until the country finds a way to live with the deadly disease and reduce mortality.

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Omokri also shared his thoughts on the belief that children bring blessings on social media.

The author went to his account on the popular microblogging platform Twitter to share his opinion.

In a tweet, Omokri said that the belief that children bring blessings to the family has led to mass overpopulation of poor countries.

The author stated that this is an incorrect opinion. He said that children do not bring blessings, and God blesses people who work hard.

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