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The US justice Secretary does not read Trump’s Twitter messages

US attorney General William Barr on Tuesday, July 28, said that he does not read the Twitter account of the President of the United States Donald trump, while in February, the Minister said that the tweets of the head of state interfere with the work of the Ministry of justice.

In response to a question from democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell, asked during a hearing in The house judiciary Committee, whether Barr reads the American leader’s Twitter, the justice Department chief replied: “No.” The Congressman posted a video of the meeting on Twitter. According to Swallwell, there is “a lot of evidence” in trump’s personal account in the social network that the head of the White house is lying.

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On February 14, Barr complained about the President’s fascination with social media. According to him, the American leader has never asked him to do something that is against the law, but when he makes public statements on Twitter, it prevents him from doing his job. Later, White house press Secretary Stephanie Grisham noted that trump is very effectively using social media to fight on the side of the American people against injustice in the country, including against the false media.

Trump often uses Twitter, in his account, he publishes comments on the domestic situation in the United States and on the country’s foreign policy.

He has repeatedly said that social networks, in particular Twitter, allow him to deliver messages to millions of people, bypassing the fake news media. At the same time, the President notes that he keeps records on Twitter personally, without resorting to the services of assistants.

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