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Why are my prayers not answered?

What’s wrong with me? My prayers are not answered. Have you asked this question before? Welcome to my crib. Let’s have a friendly chat

Good morning and a beautiful Sunday…

I prayed and got no answers. It made me wonder why some people get answers and I don’t. am I doing it wrong, or am I doing it with an unclear conscience, or am I in doubt? “what happened?”
I know you’ve asked similar questions. I pray that God will answer you through me. Amen

Let’s pray
Heavenly father, we thank You for your gift of Jesus, the gift of this new day, and the love that you have poured into our hearts. We thank you for all that you have done and will do. We come to you in great humility and submit our will to your reign. Open our hearts and minds to receive you. Speak to us through your words so that we can understand, and let your spirit in us reveal you to us.
We ask you in the name of Jesus. Amen

Reasons for unanswered prayers:
1) You may have asked incorrectly and with the wrong motives
(James 4: 3) KJV
What are your intentions? Are they right? God is not a man to be deceived; he searches your hearts and knows your true intentions. You pray that people will say, ” Ha! she is a prayer warrior (like a Pharisee), or you are really looking for connections and pouring out to God. Do you pray to brag to people that your prayers are being answered?
Check your motives dear loved one.
Soln: keep asking God to teach you His ways so that you can die of pride or bragging. Consciously reject these thoughts when they come. You have the power of Resurrection.

2) it will answer you.

Come with confidence to his throne of mercy and grace.
Some come with “Let me try it if this thing works at all” Hmmm…(I’ve done this before)
God will answer you more readily than you will ask. (Jeremiah 29: 12)
He loves you and will hear you when you cry out (Psalm 106: 43-45)
So come as you are

3) prayer of the righteous:
(James 5: 16)

Sincerely ask God for forgiveness for your sins. But wait, you can’t use God. You can’t apologize to get what you want from him and go back to your evil ways.
Life in Christ is the best. Select it.

4) ask the Holy spirit to help you.:
(Romans 8: 26)
He’s an assistant. He will help you even when words can’t Express what you feel (isn’t he a good God who even provides help when our powers have failed)

5) ask in the name of Jesus:
John 15: 16:
Your father will give you everything you ask in my name. Jesus is the key to getting to the father. (Please note that this is very important)

6) pray to his word:
Give God his words, and the promise of his words will be your portion (don’t forget to do it with faith). Pray To The Bible. When you study the word daily, if a part of it speaks to you, use it as a prayer. It’s his word, and you know it’s important to him. Write it’s done and make prophetic statements about them

7) Thank God
Gratitude is very important. Even if you haven’t seen the manifestation yet (Philippians 4: 6)
It is pride that makes you not thank him (2 Chronicles 32: 25)
Thank him because he has already done this for you.

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it’s cool to bend it to your will:
Patience is very important. Wait! maybe it’s not time yet. But while you wait, what should you do?…Thanksgiving, because he’s already done it.

Some prayers require that you call on believers to help you so that their faith can help your faith (MT 18: 19) (James 5: 14-15)

Faith is the Foundation. No prayer works without faith. Forget about the problem. It is difficult, I know, but you must try, dear loved one.
The devil will bring doubt, profess confidence in answering prayer. Dance when you think of it. Because it has already been answered.
You can also make a Covenant with God (some types of petitions need this), let the spirit guide you in this..he will talk to you about it and how to do it. You are blessed.

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