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Washington Post settled the case with a student who filed a lawsuit for $250 million

The Washington Post on July 24 reached an agreement with the parents of a schoolboy from Kentucky, who filed a $250 million lawsuit against the publication after publishing an article in which the teenager was accused of racism.

“We are pleased that we were able to reach a resolution acceptable to both parties of the remaining claims in this lawsuit,” said Chris Coratti, a spokesman for the newspaper.

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The terms of the settlement of the claim are not disclosed, but it is noted that the agreement will avoid a lengthy trial.

The incident occurred in January 2019 during a protest against abortion, which was attended by schoolchildren, including Nicholas Sandman.

A photo published by the newspaper shows him in a cap with the inscription “Make America great again” (the slogan of supporters of US President Donald trump) standing face to face with a singing Indian, Nathan Phillips.

The caption for the photo said that the schoolboy had shown aggression and racist behavior towards Philips.

Phillips himself said that Sandman did not allow Him to go to the Lincoln memorial.

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Sandman’s lawsuit says the newspaper used a photo of Him “to promote its anti-trump policies.”

At the same time, the plaintiff noted that after the publication, he was subjected to harassment.

It was noted that none of the recordings from the scene of the events recorded offensive behavior of the student.

In July 2019, the court rejected the schoolboy’s claim, ruling that the newspaper’s right to cover the incident in one way or another is guaranteed by freedom of speech. However, in 2020, the case was resumed.

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