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Biden called Trump the first “Racist President” in the US

Former US Vice President Joe Biden called the current head of state Donald Trump the first “Racist President” in the country’s history. This was reported on Thursday, July 23, by CNBC.

During an online conference, Biden was approached by South Korean immigrant Suk Kim, who spoke about her experience of encountering racism. She also expressed concern that trump calls COVID-19 a ” Chinese virus.”

“The way he interacts with people based on their skin color, their national origin, where they are from, is absolutely disgusting,” Biden said.

He stressed that no previous US President allowed himself to do this.

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According to Biden, racists were among the candidates for the main post in the country, but they eventually failed to get elected.

Biden said in an address on the occasion of independence Day, published on July 4, that systemic racism in the United States has existed for more than 200 years and has not yet been eliminated.

The US presidential election is scheduled for November 3. According to recent polls, Trump has narrowed the gap with Biden in terms of popular support.

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