The Windows 10 update left users without Network access

After updating the Windows 10 operating system, users encountered problems connecting to the Internet, there was no Network access.

The essence of the problem was that a special service on the computer informs the user that he does not have an Internet connection. According to users, the problems began after a large-scale update of Windows 10, which took place in may.

According to experts, the problem is not related to the Network connection itself, but rather to the connection status. That is, in most cases, there was Internet access, but the computer service reported that it was not available.

In General, the problem affected a limited number of users.

The developers reported that they are already dealing with the problem, but the exact causes of the problem have not yet been established.

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On June 1, it was reported that some features disappeared from Windows 10 after the may update.

So, the developers removed the Windows To Go option, which allowed you to load the operating system from a USB flash drive.

Users can also now delete WordPad, Notepad, and Paint applications if they wish. The developers also considered the Messaging and Mobile plans apps outdated.

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