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7 paramount reasons why degree holders are poor

I have a very painful truth that I need to convey to graduates: your degree or certificate is not a cure for poverty; the cure for poverty is your ability to see and use opportunities. In this article, the word P. O. O. R means: Multiple Missed Opportunities.

Dear Graduate, if someone offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say Yes and then find out how to do it later!”don’t ever say you don’t know. The school rewards people for their memory. Life rewards people for their creativity and problem-solving skills. School rewards caution, life rewards daring. The school welcomes those who live by the rules. Life exalts those who break the rules and set new ones.

Being at the top of your class does not necessarily guarantee that you will be at the top of life. The world is full of poor graduates, but rich opportunists! Kevin NGO once said:”If you don’t find the time to work on creating the life you want, you will end up having to spend a lot of time dealing with the life you don’t want.”

Your certificates and degrees are designed to help you gain the experience and knowledge needed to fulfill your dreams; they are not your purpose! I have watched many graduates with degrees and certificates languish in poverty, looking for jobs that don’t even exist, while people with a keen eye for opportunities reach the pinnacle of success in the most improbable way.

Is there a graduate or degree holder around you who is poor? I bet you have them, just like everywhere else! I have a very painful truth that I need to convey to graduates: your degree or certificate is not a cure for poverty; the cure for poverty is your ability to see and use opportunities.

These are seven (7) reasons why degree holders are poor:


Albert Einstein said: “education is not the study of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” Have you ever heard the term “out-of-the-box thinking”? One of the main reasons why most graduates are poor is simply that they can’t see or think beyond their certificates.
I’ve seen engineering students work as bankers. I have seen doctors with great skills in web and graphic design. I’ve seen lawyers who are very adept at managing finances. The list is endless!

The basic truth of life is that the skills that are needed to be in demand and become more successful in life are not actually found within the walls of classrooms. Your certificate is just proof that you are capable of learning, it doesn’t say that you are fully capable of doing it. You are full of possibilities when you think beyond your degrees and certificates.


I have often advised some of my colleagues never to leave their gifts idle while chasing and hunting for work with their certificates. There should be an additional balance in the pursuit of your passion and in finding a job.

Everyone is gifted with something, but the winning advantage comes from our ability to work on our gifts and bless the world with them. The best way to develop yourself is to follow your natural talents and interests. To live a full and productive life, we need to work more on our gift than on our work. We need to discover our gift, develop it, and sell it. Don’t bury your talent with your certificates.


It has been found that most of the skills taught in schools are becoming outdated in the modern world. The world has changed a lot, and with it the needs of people! It is necessary to know that the current form of University education does not prepare students for the future.

Graduates are becoming an endangered species in the face of a changing world. Our archaic teaching methods and approaches prepare graduates for a world that no longer exists, as we produce diploma holders each year with certificates that have a nominal value but no intrinsic value. Most educational institutions are filled with lecturers and pseudo-teachers with lecture notes, methods and approaches that have lost their relevance in the changing world.


Certificates and degrees don’t reveal people to themselves; they measure our IQ (intellectual quotient) at best. I often tell people that there is no recovery without discovery. A poor person is simply someone who has not revealed himself.

The more you discover yourself, the more you become aware of the treasures that are hidden deep inside you. We carry hidden treasures that can only be revealed through self-knowledge.


Diplomas and certificates can close your mind to ideas, while initiatives open it. If you are not careful, your diplomas and certificates may close your mind. the Goal of education is to constantly keep your mind open to unlimited possibilities!

Fred Smith saw the opportunity for overnight delivery of anything anywhere in the United States, and ultra-fast delivery to anywhere in the world, FedEx, was born. It will be interesting to learn that Fred Smith received a C grade in Yale Economics class for an idea that the Professor belittled as unworkable.
Fred Smith’s company became the first American enterprise to earn more than ten billion dollars in annual profits. Starting with just 186 packages delivered on the first night, FedEx now delivers them to more than two hundred countries, using more than 6,030 planes, 46,000 vehicles, and 141,000 employees.


Our certificates and diplomas prepare graduates for job search, rather than opening our eyes to life-changing opportunities. You are not poor because you don’t have a job; you are poor because you don’t see and use opportunities.

To be poor is simply to repeatedly miss opportunities! What keeps people ahead in life isn’t their education or degrees, it’s just an opportunity they’ve taken advantage of. Vacancies may be rare, but not opportunities.

As long as there is a problem to solve, there will always be opportunities. If after graduation we think only about finding a job, it is a waste of time, effort and experience. An enlightened and educated mind should be able to see and use opportunities.


We must be prepared to make mistakes and risk a breakthrough. Risk and learning from mistakes helps us understand what works and what doesn’t! When Thomas Edison was questioned by a mischievous journalist about how he felt he had failed for 999 times before getting the idea of a light bulb, his response stunned the world when he confidently said “ ” I didn’t fail 999 times, I only learned 999 ways to not make a light bulb.”

Many graduates and diploma holders are becoming poorer because the skills needed in today’s world to get rich are not taught in schools and institutes. By 2025, we will lose more than five million jobs due to automation. This means that future jobs will look completely different by the time many people graduate from University.

Future jobs will involve knowledge production/creation and innovation, and people who are only equipped with skills found in the classroom will definitely be losers in an ever-changing world. Skills such as critical thinking, creativity, people skills, STEM skills (such as coding), integrated problem solving skills, and so on.they play a Central role in a more comprehensive and productive life.

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Therefore, in conclusion, my humble and sincere advice to graduates and students of higher educational institutions is to think broadly, deeply and unconventionally. Take up volunteer work and don’t be afraid to navigate areas that differ from your field of study. Your future career will require you to extract information from a wide variety of areas in order to come up with creative solutions to future problems.

Start by reading as much as possible about everything that interests you. As soon as you enter College, consider a dual major or minor in completely different fields. Trust me, it will pay off in the long run.

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Don’t limit yourself to just the class. Do something practical. Take a leading position. Start a business and fail; this is the best entrepreneurship. Contest the election and lose. It will teach you what political science will not teach you. Attend the seminar. Read books that go beyond the scope of your course.

Think less about becoming a great student, but think more about becoming a great person. Don’t make the class your world, but make the world your class. Take a step forward and try something else. Invest in something you believe in! Real financial security and freedom is not in your work, but in your passion, gifts, talents, and your ability to see and use opportunities.

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