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Trump has narrowed the gap with Biden in terms of support

The current President of the United States, Donald Trump, has narrowed the gap with his opponent, Joe Biden, in terms of support, on Sunday, July 19.

According to the latest data, 49% of the people surveyed are ready to vote for the election of former Vice President Biden to the post of head of state. Trump’s re-election to a second term is supported by 41% of respondents. The remaining 10% are still undecided.

Compared to June, the American leader has strengthened his position. Then the gap with Biden was not 8%, but 12%. 50% were ready to vote for the Democrat Biden, and only 38% were ready to vote for the Republican Trump.

In addition, Biden has already secured the support of 2,633 delegates to the Democratic National Convention. It is expected that the former Vice President will be announced as a candidate for the main state post in the country in August at the National Convention of Democrats.

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Trump also received the necessary number of votes from delegates to the party Convention for the nomination of the Republican candidate in the presidential election.

A few days ago, one of Joe Biden’s campaign managers, Jen O’malley Dillon, said that he received $242 million in campaign donations.

Trump, in turn, this week replaced his campaign Manager, brad Pascal. William Stepin was appointed in his place.

The US presidential election is scheduled for November 3.

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