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Trump again refuses to rename US military bases

US President Donald Trump, in an interview with Fox News on July 19, once again opposed the renaming of US military bases named after Confederate warlords.

“Fort Bragg”, “Fort Robert Lee” – FORTS had these names for a long time, decades. I don’t care what the military says. I have to make the decision. No one even knows who General Bragg is. And what will we call him? Let’s call him “Reverend Sharpton” (a well-known black preacher in the United States).

He noted that the United States won “two beautiful world wars”, including thanks to these FORTS. The American leader cited this argument as a reluctance to give military bases other names.

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Trump confirmed that he would veto the draft defense budget for the 2021 fiscal year if there is a provision to rename the FORTS.

The House Appropriations Committee last week proposed allocating $1 million to the army to rename facilities, structures, roads and streets that bear the names of Confederate leaders and officers.

For the first time, Trump announced in early June that the White house would not even consider renaming military facilities.

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