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10 tips for writing a survey

Survey is as good as the questions asked. Are you asking the right questions and does it make sense for your target audience? Here are 10 quick tips for writing surveys that will help you avoid critical errors that will lead to data being unusable or, even worse, the wrong direction for the organization.

Here are some tips:

Start with the final goal-what is the goal of your survey?

Write questions at the level of understanding of your audience

Avoid suggestive and biased questions and answers.

Make questions easy and accessible to inspire trust and confidence
Avoid double negativity in one question.

Ask for feedback one item at a time.

Add the “other” or “n/a” option so that respondents can tell you when your answer options are not applicable to them.

Do not overlap the ranges of response options. Use clearly separated ranges.

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The answer options must be balanced. (for example: strongly disagree to strongly agree).

Keep your answer options simple and short.

Collect your profile and demographic information last.

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