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Twitter was hacked by hackers from the United States and Britain

Behind the recent attack on Twitter were hackers from the United States and Britain, led by someone under the nickname Kirk, who claimed to work in the social network itself. This was reported on Friday, July 17.

The publication managed to reach the participants of the hack. Haseeb Awan, a security specialist from California, helped contact the hackers, known by the nicknames lol and ever so anxious. He said that he kept in touch with them, as they had previously tried to hack a company owned by him.

According to participants of the event, communication between hackers was conducted in the Discord messenger. At the center of the entire scheme was the user Kirk. It was he who withdrew funds from the wallet, where fraudsters asked to transfer bitcoins, the publication reports, citing its own analysis of transactions in the cryptocurrency.

For other hackers who worked with him, his identity remained unknown. Participants of the hack “met” shortly before the start of the entire operation. Kirk contacted lol and ever so anxious at Discord, where he suggested they become intermediaries-selling Twitter accounts on the Internet.

User lol provided the newspaper with screenshots of their correspondence, in one of the messages Kirk claimed to work on Twitter.

“Bro, I work at Twitter, don’t show this message to anyone, seriously,” Kirk wrote.

For each completed transaction lol and ever so anxious were entitled to their own share. These operations showed how much access Kirk had to Twitter’s systems: it could quickly change basic security settings for any user and send photos of records from the company’s internal systems as proof that it was controlling the accounts.

Well-known hacker PlugWalkJoe, who is hiding 21-year-old Briton Joseph O-Connor, who became one of the buyers, told the publication that Kirk got the right to access Twitter’s systems and servers when he was able to get into the company’s channel in the corporate messenger Slack. This was confirmed to the newspaper and investigators leading the case of hacking.

According to lol, only Kirk was behind the hacking of celebrity accounts. Later, he stopped responding to his intermediaries.

Lol did not reveal his identity, but told the publication that he lives in the US and is about 20, and his friend with the nickname ever so anxious said that he is 19 years old, he lives in the UK with his mother.

Who is behind the nickname Kirk, as well as his motives could not be established, the publication writes.

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Earlier it became known that the Federal trade Commission (FTC) of the United States will conduct an audit against the American company Twitter after hacking a number of famous people and may fine the social network.

On July 16, it was reported that hackers broke into the twitter account of former us Vice President Joseph Biden, who is expected to be the Democratic candidate for the presidential election. In addition, the personal pages of entrepreneur, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk, Microsoft founder bill gates, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, financier Warren Buffett, former US President Barack Obama and others were subjected to cyber attacks. The attackers also attacked the accounts of companies like Apple and Uber.

In total, 130 social network accounts were hacked as a result of illegal actions of unknown hackers.

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