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Trump was upset by recently published books about him

US President Donald Trump has criticized two recently published books about him authored by his niece Mary Trump and former national security adviser John Bolton.

Bolton’s book, the Room where it happened: a White house memoir, went on sale in June. The following month, Mary Trump’s book “Too much and always not enough: how my family created the world’s most dangerous man”was published.

“First, the worthless Scarecrow John Bolton, this saber-rattling fool, breaks the law (he published a huge amount of classified information) and the nondisclosure agreement in order to gain some credibility and earn some money, which will ultimately still completely go to the government,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Then, according to Trump, his niece “tells lies about my wonderful parents (who couldn’t stand her) and about me and also violates the nondisclosure agreement.”

The US President added that his niece also violated the law by making public his tax returns.

“She is just a walking disaster,” the American leader concluded.

Mary Trump, who has a doctorate in clinical psychology, in her book made the claim that the American leader is deprived of the ability to empathize with other people due to the negative influence of the family and suffers from many complexes.

The author claims that one of the factors that shaped the worldview of Donald Trump in his childhood years was the desire to avoid disapproval from his father.

Earlier, the US justice Department sued Bolton in connection with the upcoming publication.

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The US authorities claim that the former national security adviser violated the obligations of non-disclosure of information constituting a state secret, which he assumed when he became an assistant to the President.

White house press Secretary Kaylee Mcenany previously said that the us administration intends to ensure that Bolton could not receive income from the sale of memoirs.

On June 20, the court allowed the book to be published, despite the objections of the White house.

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