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12 ways to regain your productivity level

This is mostly psychological for most professionals; the fight is worse because no one on your team knows or understands what you are going through. Unfortunately, most of the time, we refuse to speak because we can be stigmatized or labeled as being lazy.

Even one can be accused of being in the holiday mood. Don’t worry, help is here now.

The following tips are designed to help you go through this phase and help you regain your productivity level. It’s time to stop being busy and start being genuinely productive. Start with these 12 action steps.

We’re all busy. In fact, many of us compete with each other about how busy we are. With all the information flooding in every minute of the day, it’s amazing that we can do anything. But there is a big difference between being busy and being productive in your business.

Does any of these “too busy” symptoms look familiar?

Furious multitasking
You work harder and harder than ever to balance several things at once on your head, on your desk and on your computer screen. But you’re getting less.

Constant distractions
The Web around the world can be a waste of time around the world. You constantly stop what you’re doing to check out new Facebook, Twitter and email alerts. In fact, you go looking for interruptions as a new form of procrastination.

No action plan for the day
You can start the day with an action plan, but it is blown up in the first 15 minutes of the working day. The crisis of the moment always seems to take precedence over any planned activity.

Quick performance of marginal work
You do things on time, but most of it is a half-meaning effort or not thought of.

How to recover productivity

Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect to get different results. Unfortunately, we continue to do things inefficiently, although we should know better. When it comes to increasing our productivity, we can be our worst enemies.

So what steps can we take to be more productive?

1. Limit breaks

Just stop! Set aside time during the day or assign locations in your office that are not interruption zones. If you are a Mac user, install Self Control, which blocks distracting websites and other programs for a set period of time.

2. Do less, not more

You can really achieve more success by focusing on achieving less. As Steve jobs did with his management team, constantly reduce your time to focus. Give up 20% of your work that just makes you busy but not productive.

3. Focus on tasks, not time

Make a monthly decision about the three most important factors for the success of your business. Each week (or day, depending on your company), create one or two tasks that will move you toward achieving these critical goals. Each day, first complete the most difficult and critical tasks. Do not move on to anything else until you have completed these tasks.

4. Act deliberately

Spend the specified amount of time analyzing the problem. Then make a final decision and learn from the results.

5. Take small steps, not giant jumps

Success is always a series of small intermediate steps. Measure the results of each result to plan the next most productive step.

6. Use social networks for a specific purpose

Think about how to boost your brand with this form of promotion, rather than just reacting to incoming messages or published actions. Engage in conversations and offer tips that support your company’s marketing and customer service. Define keywords for your search so that your company can actively participate in it.

7. Merging personal and professional life

Stop wasting energy worrying about separating these two parts of your life. Most small business owners understand that the company is managed 24/7. Stop fighting the fact that your personal and professional lives will collide. Learn how to peacefully integrate these segments into one life. Doing this will actually create more space to do what you want.

8. Slacken up

The tipping point for this experience is to relax and refresh your mental state, as well as the environment at work,to help set the tone for getting back to your performance level. Rearrange your desktop; even deleting Your email and computer can work magically. Replace this old image with something bright, fun, and magical.

Our level of productivity depends on attitude and mood. Make sure that you are in check and do not deny your ability to level up and restore your productivity.

9. Foreground

As soon as your energy level is not at the optimal level, it is important to prioritize tasks according to their importance and urgency. If this is not important and you can postpone it until later to deal with another important but urgent task, please adjust your priorities accordingly

Prioritizing tasks will also help you choose your level of interest and optimism so that you can move on. For every task that is prioritized and completed, give yourself the proverbial Pat on the back for doing a good job, because you are on the right path to restoring your performance level.

10. Tasks/Goals Set

The hard truth about being a professional in any industry is that sometimes, no matter how you feel, the work has to be done and everything has to go on. Goal-setting is a certain way to make yourself responsible for the task that your employer requires you to complete

It doesn’t have to be something so detailed; outlining your tasks with sticky notes or digital leftovers will go a long way to helping you stay on track. Apps like Google Tasks and Trello are also effective at helping you achieve this.

11. Re-Discover Your Inspiration

We all have reasons to be content with the career we have now. You also have personal experiences and moments that help you maintain the momentum you need to do what you do. In an attempt to restore your productivity, this period is a great time to rediscover your inspiration, and if you don’t have it yet, it’s a great time to define your own

12. Train to restore your productivity

Physical activity is a great way to increase your productivity. The benefits of exercise are crucial for both your mental and physical health. It’s time to go to the gym, run, walk or swim to release your hormones that increase your productivity.

Start by changing one work habit. Remember that every employee of your company follows your example. If you are more productive, they will also be productive.

How have you improved your productivity? What habit will you change?

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