Toyota Corolla Apex Edition with combat chassis launched

Toyota is systematically cultivating a driver’s image for the Corolla: “warmed-up” versions are already available in the markets of Thailand, Taiwan and even China. The American division, which introduced the Toyota Corolla Apex Edition sedan for the local market, did not remain on the sidelines. The developers claim that this car is quite possible to go on track days!

The American Corolla already looks more aggressive than ours-especially in the near-sporty se and XSE configurations with developed bumpers. And the new version bristles with an aerodynamic body kit that includes door sills, side “wings” on the front bumper and a wide optional spoiler on the trunk lid.

But the main thing is the suspension. Recall that the current Corolla has a multi-link at the back. And the Apex Edition version has new springs, shock absorbers and stabilizers. As a result, the ground clearance is reduced by 15 mm, the angular stiffness of the front suspension increased by 47%, and the rear-by 33%. In addition, the adjustment of the stabilization system has become more liberal, and special 18-inch wheels are lighter than standard ones by a kilogram each. It is stated that the driving character of the car was brought to the race tracks: the sedan should roll less and more willing to dive into turns.

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The power unit was not touched. The two-liter atmospheric engine of the Dynamic Force family produces 171 HP. Paired with it — a six-speed “mechanics” iMT (electronics adjusts the speed of the crankshaft when switching down) or a variator with steering lobes for sorting out ten quasi-transmissions. The only improvement is a more “free” release system.

Toyota did not publish photos of the interior, but it promised special seat upholstery and decor. The Apex Edition version will be released in a limited edition of six thousand cars, and only 120 of them will be with “mechanics”. American dealers will have” warmed-up ” Corollas in the fall.

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